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Jan Kyncl

This saxophonist is a representative of the young jazz generation. He studied at the KJJ, he passed a course at Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Leipzig and is currently completing his studies at the Prague AMU. During his studies he had the opportunity to encounter excellant teachers /Johannes Enders, Richie Beirach, David Dorůžka etc./ and at has since used their methods in his own teaching. He works as an external teacher /saxophone & clarinet/ at the International School of Music and Fine Arts in Prague and also teaches privately. He has experience of teaching beginners, with whom he focuses mainly on the basic technical aspects of playing and creating a positive and spontaneous relationship with music itself, as well as working with advanced students of all age groups. He always tries to adopt an individual approach and he creates a teaching plan based on the wishes and aims of the particular student. As well as saxophone and clarinet technique he teaches jazz harmony and improvisation from the basics up to more complex modern approaches. Jan Kyncl has performed in several smaller bands /Evidence Quintet, Tembryo, Ylativ Algo Quintet/ and larger ensambles /Big Band Theory, Andy Schofield Big Band, EBU Big Band/.