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Radek Němejc Q.

The band Radek N. session was formed for the exhibition of J. Kolář. At the time, in 2001, they also recorded their first CD "Singing oblong", which featured improvisations inspired by the works of this artist. The line-up has varied from the beginning, and a number of both younger and more experienced musicians have played in the band. From the start, the band focused on jamming. This approach still continues but is now enriched by the band´s own arrangements. The repertoire consist of jazz standards  and the band´s compositions. They have always found inspiration in the roots of jazz and sometimes also in ethnic music and others genres. Members of the band include: J. Kyncl, J. Fečo, S. Mácha,  M. Černý, T. Dlapa, D. Hocko, T. Jochmann and others.